31 Aug, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: August is on fire

And so GCO GROUP experienced a blazing August with lots of success and joy. And one of the recurring activities to bring laughter to the GCOers is the birthday party. Let's see how the GCO 3 teams have birthdays!
27 Aug, 2019

MONDAY OF GCO: Talk about counseling

n the morning of the new working week, at the headquarters of Hanoi held a Monday morning activity by an informal conversation with a very close and familiar topic, - "The consulting profession".
16 Aug, 2019

HUMAN OF GCO: Hong Nguyen - New leader of GCO Ho Chi Minh consultancy

In the last July, the small friend Hong Nguyen of Ho Chi Minh consulting team made a successful breakthrough with the highest sales of the whole company and became the leader of the consulting group of the whole Ho Chi Minh branch. Let's talk with Human of GCO and learn more about this lovely girl.
5 Aug, 2019


August begins with summer showers. And the Go Co house ended a July with joyful and engaging activities. Let's look back on a vibrant July with the Go House!
30 July, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: July is happy

So the joyful July of the Co Co family is about to pass. And as usual, the last week will be the occasion for the GCO family to celebrate the new members' birthday with the birth of the month.